Palande - A Beach tucked away amongst the Dapoli Beaches

Palande is a lesser known beach amongst the long stretch of Dapoli beaches extending from Kolthare to Kelshi. Plalande is tucked between the famous Murud beach and the Harnai beach famous for the fish auctions.

Palande is a flat beach typical of the beaches in this region and recently is being promoted as a water sports and adventure destination. The aqua sports park is very popular amongst the adventure enthusiasts. Dolphin wattching boat rides is one of the most popular things to do in Palande, and though getting to see a dolphin is a matter of luck most of the tourist get to see schools of dolphins here!

Around Palande

The beaches of Murud and Karde are just 2 Kms from Palande so is Harnai. Harnai fish market is an interesting place to visit especially during the auction time which happen every day.

The twin sea forts of Suvarnadurg and Kanakadurg is another attraction that could be made part of your itenarary. There are many noteworthy temples also in Dapoli. The Kadyavarch Ganpati temple in Anjarle is one of the favorite amongst the tourists. The Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar temples are also worh visiting.

The budhist caves of Panhalekaji is another Dapoli attraction if you are interested in archaeology. Unhavare hot sulphur springs is also a great place to visit and explore if you have time during your vacation in Dapoli!
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